Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wine & Design Let's Celebrate for Elizabeth

Wine & Design in Cary to celebrate Elizabeth's Birthday!   I think she had a special day!

Elizabeth's friends joined in the fun!

Amy, Aunt Jane, Betsy, Linda and my mama painting away!!!

Elizabeth & her mama beginning to paint! Don't you see the family resemblance? 

OK; the rowdy side of the room; Kay, Bernard and of course the trouble maker Kirby!

The angel of the group!  HA!

Libby & Kay Drinking that wine; the only way to get them to paint!

Of course Aunt Jane has her wine with her cute little apron!

The works in progress.  Bernard staring at his masterpiece!

The birthday girl and the trouble maker

My mama, Bernard, me, Elizabeth and the trouble maker.

The whole team, without Marlene we couldn't do it!

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