Sunday, November 29, 2009

Favorite Install Items

One of our most glamorous light fixtures is a "to die for" addition to the master bedroom where we installed it. The bedroom was already very glitzy and Hollywood like, but the light fixture made the room. We will have portfolio pictures of the room it is installed in coming soon........

The above rug is made of a wool silk combination. The design is taken from the window treatment fabric. The portfolio pictures we take of this job will show the detailed construction that went into this rug and all the other elements. This is an all white/creme room. Therefore, no muddy shoes or drinks allowed!!!

The above tile medallion was installed in a foyer to give a grand affect in the entrance of one of our clients homes. It was very interesting and tedious putting the medallion together and making sure it was not damaged in shipping. The picture to the right is showing the medallion after it had been installed, before the grouting took place!

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