Sunday, April 11, 2010


My recent trip to NYC, as always I am trying to take in all the design details and I noticed an overwhelming pattern of how merchandisers place their items according to color. It all has to do with the value and intensity of the hue. Notice the window display at Saks Fifth Ave. with men ties folded up as the backdrop for the windows. Also, the M&M store at Times Square displayed all the color M&M's by the value and intensity of the hue as well. At the M&M store they also used a primary color display with green mixed in as the original M&M colors. While in Sephora all the nail polish is displayed in the same way. The displays in most stores are done logically with color being a major influence.

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  1. Missed you in Boone. Can you believe that I made it? When did you get
    to NY? Hope that you are having a happy spring!