Thursday, August 12, 2010

Make A Wish Update

Kathryn our wish that we granted last year is on the road to recovery. Please see the post by her mother and how wonderful she is doing now. Elizabeth and I recently met Kathryn at her favorite place The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate her great doctor reports.

It's been a long time since I've updated and in our case no news has been good news. All scans continue to be uneventful and Kathryn goes back for another round of testing Tuesday, August 10th.

Today marks two years since I drove her up to Duke on a Friday in agonizing pain and we began the worst weekend of our lives, almost losing her as her body started shutting down, kidneys stopped and she suffered the loss of her mobility and most of her pancreas from complications of chemo treatment. Coupled with the brain hemorrhages that she suffered two weeks prior that July and sepsis, she really went through a lot and we keep sending Praises to God for the blessings of her still being with us.

Those blessings coupled with the miracle that we received from scans in Feb. 2009 that showed God took the rest of her cancer with no more chemo necessary show us His power and mercy. Kathryn is now enjoying herself as much as she can and has successfully adjusted to her new school at Washington Montessori. I was accepted into the nursing program at Beaufort Co. Community College and will start classes on August 17th. God is good and His plan is perfect. We just happen to be on the side that we think is wonderful for us too. This is not the case for all of us though and we are fully aware that the rug can be pulled out from under your feet at any moment. We've lived that and it is not a pleasant road.

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