Sunday, June 24, 2012


I was going to post this blog in May, but now it is the end of June.....gosh time is flying by!

This was going to be a tribute to women and mother's, hello Mother's Day is in May, but still in June this is very interesting.

A tribute to the Legends of Design, to whom without these ladies we couldn't do what we do today.....

Dorthy Draper-

In 1923 she started the first Interior Design firm in The United States, which is still in business today!
She is best known for her work in large commercial spaces including the Greenbrier hotel in West Virgina. Which I hope to visit one day.

Dorthy Mae "Sister" Parish-

The only girl in a family of boys she was no for a "NO-nonsense" approach to interior design.  She would take roll a tea cart from room to room collecting unnecessary nic-nacs in the home.  She loved chintzes and used them throughout Jackie Kennedy's home and the private rooms of The White House.

Zelina Brunschwig-

Known as a firm business woman, she took over her husband's company and became the director of Brunschwig & Fils.  If you are in the design world, you know this is one of the most high end companies there is today.  She is know for introducing coordinates in showroom displays which help all of us designers!

Can you guess which one is which?????

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